Stella Munro


- Have you ever had to arrange a funeral?

- Would you know where to start?

- Do you know what your options are?

- How can you be sure you're doing the right thing at an incredibly stressful and emotional time?

- Do you know what the deceased person's taste in music/poetry/readings was?

- Would they prefer a religious or non-religious service?

- What's a Civil Funeral?

- If I choose a non-religious service can we still have prayers or hymns?

These are just a few of the questions that pass through peoples minds when a loved one dies.

Organising a funeral for a loved one doesn’t have to be traumatic.

These questions make it even more important to seek professional help when considering the type of service for a loved one.

A growing majority of people want the service to be a personalised celebration of the person’s life rather than a traditional, religious funeral.

A definition of a Civil Funeral is:

“A funeral that is driven by the wishes, beliefs and values of the deceased and their family, not by the beliefs or ideology of the person conducting the funeral”.

As a Civil Funeral Celebrant, I provide funeral ceremonies to an extremely high professional standard with no relevance to my personal beliefs. Some families still prefer to have prayers and/or hymns in the ceremony and approximately 60% of all civil funeral ceremonies do include some religious content.

A celebrant led funeral will not be suitable for everyone but an increasing number of families are turning to funeral directors to guide them in choosing the right person for their situation.

I work closely with funeral directors by keeping them informed of music choices, content for the order of service, and any other special requirements that the family may have.

I provide a truly unique tribute to the deceased person, as told by their family and friends, enabling it to be a celebration of their life and achievements. I send the family a copy of the tribute prior to the ceremony, enabling them to make any alterations or amendments.

I provide a presentation copy of the full ceremony after the funeral has taken place.

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